Jubilee Congress of the Kazakh Society of Nature Protection was held June 28, 2013. The congress summed up the Company's activities and discussed future plans. The Jubilee Congress was attended by delegates, veterans of the Society, members of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Minister of Environmental Protection, the leadership of the city of Almaty.

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One of the oldest non-governmental public organizations in Kazakhstan - Kazakh Society of Nature Conservation - celebrates the 50th anniversart this year.

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Our services:


  • Development of environmental standards development projects regarding environmental emissions limits (EEL), maximum permissible discharges (MPD), waste management.
  • Development of environmental projects regarding in the atmosphere of cites (summary EEL volumes).
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) on different stages of development and realization of the projects in accordance with established procedure.
  • Ecological audit of the enterprises, conducting of special observations for revelation of current environmental status.
  • Examination of ecological projects, legislative and normative documents, confirmation of accepted decisions to requirement to existing environmental legislation and established of the ecological standards.
  • Development of ecological programs for regions and enterprises.
  • Schemes of complex use and protection of water resources.
  • Development of measures, proposals and recommendations for reduction of economic activities negative impact on an environmental.
  • Organization and conducting of industrial environmental monitoring for enterprises of different industries.
  • Development of ecological control and industrial monitoring programs.
  • Control of radiation situation on Kazakhstan’s territory (betta-, gamma-spectrometric researches of construction material samples, fuel, water, soil and other subjects of environment ).
  • Conducting of analytic works for determination of concentration of the pollutants in different nature objects (air, surface and ground water, soil).
  •  Development of specialized environmental GID, data bases, automatic information systems.
  • Ecological zoning of the territories.
  • Holding of the seminars and conferences devoted to environmental problems.

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All the design, modeling, development and registration of projects of the Center “KAZECOLOGY” are performed with the use of up-to-date computers and peripheral devices, MapInfo, ArcView, Surfer and CorelDraw software, MS Office, etc. Moreover, the company has Global Positioning System facilities and Magellan mobile appliances in their arsenal and, therefore, terrain orientation at field work implementing and objects siting to co-ordinates are provided through these facilities.