Jubilee Congress of the Kazakh Society of Nature Protection was held June 28, 2013. The congress summed up the Company's activities and discussed future plans. The Jubilee Congress was attended by delegates, veterans of the Society, members of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Minister of Environmental Protection, the leadership of the city of Almaty.

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One of the oldest non-governmental public organizations in Kazakhstan - Kazakh Society of Nature Conservation - celebrates the 50th anniversart this year.

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Certificates & Licenses

     The Center has the State license of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan for rendering of services in the field of environmental protection  № 01129 of November 16, 2007. At the licensed area the environmental protection designing, standardization, ecological examination, ecological audit are included. It allows us to accomplish any ecological projects for pollutants emission standardization in environment, environmental impact assessment (EIA), ecological audit for enterprises, ecological examination of projects and legislative documents.

    гос лицензия14001_2013_рс 

    The “KAZECOLOGY” Center has the State license #0001533 from March 03, 2007 of the Committee on atomic energy of the Ministry energy and mineral resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan for conducting of radiation control on Kazakhstan’s area.

The company is certified by the Committee on building affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan for exploration and designing for building, architectural designing of buildings and constructions, designing of engineering systems and networks, etc.

       Among the first ecological companies of Kazakhstan the “KAZECOLOGY” Center was certified on two international standards ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001 – 2004 (Integrated system of quality and environmental protection management).

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     The “KAZECOLOGY” Center  is certified by the State system of technical regulation of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Certificate of conformity KZ 7500001 KCC #01625 of March 07, 2008). Certification area of KAZECOLOGY’s quality and environmental management system includes environmental protection designing, environmental impact assessment, development of the draft of legislative and methodical documents, ecological examination, ecological monitoring, measurements and analytical control, development of specialized software, development of environmental protection complex schemes, using of water and other natural resources. 

     The “KAZECOLOGY” Center is included into the international data system “DACON” of the World Bank (registration number 2381).