Jubilee Congress of the Kazakh Society of Nature Protection was held June 28, 2013. The congress summed up the Company's activities and discussed future plans. The Jubilee Congress was attended by delegates, veterans of the Society, members of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Minister of Environmental Protection, the leadership of the city of Almaty.

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One of the oldest non-governmental public organizations in Kazakhstan - Kazakh Society of Nature Conservation - celebrates the 50th anniversart this year.

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The Laboratory of the Republican Research-Production and Information Center "Kazecology" (KAZECOLOGY) is accredited by the Accreditation System of the Republic of Kazakhstan for technical competence in compliance with the RK ISO/IEC 17025-2007 "General requirements to the competence of testing and calibration laboratories", has the accreditation certificate № KZ. I.02.0640 by the Committee for Technical regulation and metrology of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan (State Standard) as of 9 December 2009, valid till December 9, 2014.

       The Laboratory of KAZECOLOGY is a well-equipped analytical centre that aims both at carrying out laboratory monitoring, helping to control the environmental pollution (water, air, soil), and to prevent environmental disasters.

  Nowadays, government officials, activists, environmental organizations and citizens are getting more and more concerned about the ecological situation in Kazakhstan. This is why natural resource users, whose activities are somehow related to the environmental conditions, are trying to develop and improve production towards environmental safety.

     Today, it is necessary to provide water control, as well as atmospheric chemical emissions and soil pollution control. It is often required in a short time interval to make an urgent drinking water or waste water chemical analysis, industrial emissions and the waste chemical analysis, to assess the workplace air quality, or to provide the air or mercury vapor measurements.

Currently, mobile environmental laboratories - analytical, experimental and chemical laboratories "on wheels" are becoming increasingly widespread. The mobile analytical laboratory of KAZECOLOGY is designed to respond to the threat of pollution, to deliver specialist and laboratory equipment in an industrial zone or remote areas, to make sampling and make sanitary and hygienic assessment of air, soil and water, to identify the pollution level. Due to the advantages of our mobile laboratory - convenience, mobility, modern equipment, specialists’ qualification and efficiency – we can analyze and monitor the state of the environment, and also to predict and prevent possible problems in the future (to minimize the extent of environmental contamination or to limit its spread.)

        The laboratory of KAZECOLOGY is a universal means of a qualitative and timely environmental impact assessment, which can be provided both to private clients and public institutions as far as this is an accredited laboratory with the most modern equipment.

       Latest computers and peripherals, Mapinfo, ArcView, Surfer and CorelDraw software, MS Office tools, etc. are being used to carry out the necessary calculations, modeling, development and design of protocols and reports of ongoing research. The global positioning system GPS is being used for on-site orientation during the field work and for linking the objects to the coordinate system.

     For the successful achievement of the goals and objectives the analytical laboratory has in its disposal complete technical equipment including measuring instruments and supplementary tools.

       The latest equipment meets all the requirements, being included all in all in the State Register of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The analytical equipment consists of main and portable instruments for rapid analysis of air, water, soil and radiation. This is the list of some equipment: atomic absorption spectrometer with flame atomization by Perkin-Elmer and Varian, alpha-beta radiometer UMF-2000, pH meter laboratory PT-10R, gas analyzer MRU SWG-200 VARIO Plus INDUSTRIAL, MRU DELTA 65 analyzer, aspirator for air sampling PU-3E/12, gas analyzer GANK-4, MEA - 200A meteometer, dosimeter-radiometer AT6130, dosimeter-radiometer MKS-AT1117M BOI-2, dosimeter-radiometer MKS-05 "TERRA" (basic), all-in-one AMI 300 KIMO.

The Laboratory of the Republican Research-Production and Information Center "Kazecology" (KAZECOLOGY) has its official website: