Jubilee Congress of the Kazakh Society of Nature Protection was held June 28, 2013. The congress summed up the Company's activities and discussed future plans. The Jubilee Congress was attended by delegates, veterans of the Society, members of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Minister of Environmental Protection, the leadership of the city of Almaty.

Public information

One of the oldest non-governmental public organizations in Kazakhstan - Kazakh Society of Nature Conservation - celebrates the 50th anniversart this year.


The Republican Research-Production and Information Center “KAZECOLOGY” has been conducting its operation since 1989 and at that time the company was the only one all over Kazakhstan to render the services connected with ecological safety projects development for benefit of the enterprises engaged in natural resources development. Among our first customers there were companies currently operating in oil fields of our Republic.

In compliance with the Government and State structures assignments the company designed target complex environmental programs to be executed within the terms of republican and regional reference.

The Center “Kazecology” is the developer of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “ Concerning  Environmental Protection” (first wording) subsequently submitted to the Parliament of the Republic. On behalf of the State executing agency for environmental management the Center has developed a package of normative and environmental engineering documents subsequently served as the perfection basis for public administration and control for nature management mechanism. The company took part in settlement of many complex environmental problems and in all the cases related to this our proposals and developments promoted beneficial effect.

At present the Center “Kazecology” is provided with sufficient material and technical basis enabling the use of our own resources for exploring and long-range projects accomplishment. The fact that the Center has trained a great number of well-qualified experts on the staff of the Center system and other companies is of particular importance.

Origination of own Analytical laboratory appointed with up-to-date appliance manufactured by the “HACH” Company (USA) became for us a new and, in our opinion, perspective style of work. During for a short period of time we executed orders for the equipment delivery, start of analytical laboratories, as well as training of experts for the companies “TengisChevrOil”, OKIOC, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, its oblast bodies and other organizations, and, to our delight, our equipment and service becomes much in demand.

The staff of the Center “Kazecology” sense the necessity of constant perfection and search of new forms of interaction with our customers for attaining high level of competitiveness in the field of environment and ecology. And we shall always strive for meeting these requirements.